The Logistics Awards Shortlists

The Logistics Awards, the annual celebration of excellence in the logistics and supply chain sectors, has announced the finalist shortlist for this year’s awards.

After making the difficult decision to cancel last year’s iteration of The Logistics Awards – winners will be announced on 3 March 2021 on SHD Logistics platforms.

The full finalist shortlist can be found below:

Above & Beyond Award

  • Hermes UK
  • Defence Support Chain Operations and Movements
  • Carousel Logistics
  • Clipper Logistics
  • Royal Mail
  • PD Ports
  • CitySprint

Criteria for judging is as follows:

  • Collaborating with industry partners to manage new challenges, such as surges or ongoing peaks
  • Shown creativity with new technology, processes or business strategies
  • Supported its community and the wider country in its efforts to manage the impact of COVID-19
  • Introduced measures to protect the safety of key workers, such as warehouse staff

Environment Award

  • 29 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps
  • Exol Lubricants
  • CHEP: Zero Waste World helps eradicate empty transport distances
  • Menzies Distribution
  • Cottage Farms with BYD Forklifts
  • Infinium Logistics Solutions
  • CitySprint
  • GLP Europe (entered by Chetwoods Architects)

Criteria for judging is as follows:

  • Evidence of measurable improvement in carbon reduction
  • Demonstration of efficient renewable energy use
  • Efforts made to protect and improve the environment with examples

Innovation Award

  • Superdry with Hikrobot / Invar Systems
  • ZigZag Global
  • RTITB & MA-System
  • Diamond Logistics
  • Carousel Logistics with Merlo UK
  • Battersea Power Station and Logistics Partners
  • Garçon Wines
  • GLP Europe (entered by Chetwoods Architects)
  • Caribou

Criteria for judging the Innovation category is as follows:

  • Measurable improvement in areas such as efficiency, accuracy, and/or productivity as a result of the deployment of a process, product or procedure that could be classified as ‘non-standard’ or bespoke within the supply chain
  • Demonstrate that a change of approach unique to your business has brought a tangible return
  • A company/project which is not using traditional methods of logistics to move goods, that could be described as ‘disruptive’

New Facility Award

  • Unipart Logistics & NHS Supply Chain
  • Funko
  • Smarthub Logistics – Focus Logistics
  • Arco
  • PD Ports
  • Forth Ports Tilbury2

Criteria for judging is as follows:

  • A new warehouse or distribution centre which has become fully operational within a tight deadline or budget constraint
  • A new innovative use of logistics space due to changes in trends/lack of property available
  • A major technology project which shapes the future of the facility
  • Transition from one site, client or business sector to another


Operations Awards

  • Pladis (United Biscuits)
  • Superdry with Hikrobot / Invar Systems
  • Marks and Spencer
  • ZigZag Global
  • Defence Support Chain Operations and Movements
  • Cromwell Tools
  • Speedy Freight
  • B&H Worldwide

Criteria for judging the operations category is as follows:

  • Evidence of a supply chain that’s finely tuned for the business
  • An operation that’s flexible, future-proof, clean, efficient, reactive – an all-round ‘best in class’
  • Clear evidence of an improvement initiative that has either been implemented or delivered benefits
  • Evidence of how a supply chain is enabling delivery of overall business strategy
  • Evidence of outstanding cross-functional or cross-business co-operation

Safety Award

  • RCP Ltd
  • 17 Port and Maritime Regiment
  • Yodel
  • Kuehne + Nagel with CBRE
  • Wincanton

Criteria for judging is as follows:

  • Evidence of how a change of culture, equipment or practice has improved safety
  • Must include supporting data where applicable, such as H&S incident before/after figures
  • Inclusion of staff in safety measures

Technology Transformation Award

  • Superdry with Hikrobot / Invar Systems
  • Fargo Systems Ltd
  • Leidos
  • Mawdsleys Logistics
  • Connected2 Ltd

Criteria for judging is as follows:

  • Evidence of how an operation has significantly improved due to the implementation of new technology
  • Entrants to this category will need to demonstration that a change in technology has brought tangible ROI
  • A company that has successfully pioneered disruptive technology in its logistics operation

Warehouse Efficiency Award

  • Focus Logistics – Smart Hub Logistics
  • Superdry with Hikrobot / Invar Systems
  • Yodel
  • Selazar
  • Cromwell Tools
  • SEC Storage

Criteria for judging is as follows:

  • Measurable improvement in company operations through the implementation of new equipment
  • A reconfiguration of a distribution centre or warehouse
  • Integration of automation or robotics
  • Tangible benefits to the business as a whole or to a customer attributed to warehouse efficiency, with examples

Growth Award

  • Go-Haul
  • Miniclipper Logistics
  • Huboo

Criteria for judging is as follows:

  • Significant, profitable growth in your sector
  • An increase in market share
  • A change in your business structure to enable strong growth
  • Evidence of strong strategic leadership or decision-making, resulting in growth
  • Collaboration with another logistics provider and/or customer to drive growth

Well-being Initiative Award

  • Hako Machines Ltd
  • Co-op
  • Palletways
  • Baytree Logistics Properties (entered by Chetwoods Architects)

Criteria for judging is as follows:

  • A company that has taken a pro-active or preventative approach to work-related stress and staff well-being
  • A company that has successfully delivered exemplary projects in the workplace to improve health and happiness
  • Initiatives to support, retain and reward staff, through development or other projects
  • Well-being values from the top-down

Future Skills Award

  • Think Logistics
  • The Manchester College
  • #LearningThroughLogistics Partnership
  • Gist
  • PD Ports

Criteria for judging is as follows:

  • An education/training programme focused on a logistics operation but can be submitted in association with certain partners (e.g. charities, not-for-profit organisations, colleges, schools, universities, training providers)
  • Evidence of how a scheme has or will develop the next generation of logistics operators
  • Industry-led initiatives which have taken ownership of the local skills market
  • Evidence of how a company has actively encouraged a diverse and inclusive future logistics workforce